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Focus January

Ah well. As Robbie Burns once mused: the best-laid plans of mice and men…

As it turned out, our much-anticipated Third Share Offer was not quite ready for launching in early December (still getting contracts signed, standards checked and sundry technicalities sorted). And then of course we came up against the all-consuming maelstrom of Christmas and New Year.

So, we now plan to launch in mid-January – which is actually a much better time for it. With the festivities behind us, we can all settle down and think, not just about the year ahead, but also the years beyond. Time to take stock. Resolutions and plans. Perhaps to ask ourselves: how can I make a difference?

Well, one way would be to invest in community-owned, renewable energy, especially if it means that local schools (well, fairly local - just over the hill in Shaftesbury and Sherborne) will have lower electricity bills. By putting money into Nadder Community Energy’s Third Share Offer, you’ll not only help to make a difference for fairly local children and the planet, but you can also look forward to a useful annual rate of interest, projected at a very competitive five percent, plus the full return of your investment over 15 years. Oh, and because Nadder Community Energy is a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus income goes into our Community Benefit Fund to be spent on environmentally friendly local projects. All in all, we hope you’ll see it as a pretty good, ethical investment.

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