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Tisbury Electric Car Club

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Elektra waiting to be enjoyed by you.

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Tisbury Electric Car Club (or TECC for short) is a car-sharing cooperative run by a small team of volunteers under the auspices of Nadder Community Energy as an alternative means of transport for local people.


Most drivers over 25 are eligible to join for a small fee which includes 2 free hours (starting with a short induction session).


The club has two second-hand Renault Zoes – Sparky and Elektra - one kept at the Nadder Centre and the other at the Village Car Park off The Avenue.


Hire rates are ridiculously cheap. The cars come fully charged and there are no extras for things like insurance, windscreen or breakdown.


It’s great way to get used to driving an EV and learning about how and when to plug into a charger. It’s also a good reason to sell your second car, or even your only one, and help save loads of money – and the planet.

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